Hello people out there,

first of all I apologize for that my software is not fully translated. As you can see, I also need some real help here. Anyway and back to topic. I'm currently developing my free mailexchange software and I want to make it as the most secure (*) PHP script on market. As it shall be clear to all of you I cannot do this by my own.

So I need you for downloading and testing my software. If you find something security-related please DO NOT post it public here in forum. The last events in history has shown how fatal this can be to all the webmasters how uses my software. You can find my email address in my "Impressum" on main page or you can also use the private messaging system provided by this forum software.

As a little "reward" I will add you to the alpha or beta tester section like following way:

- An alpha tester is someone who downloaded the latest CVS version (with e.g. WinCVS for Windows users or the Uni* command cvs) and keeps it up-to-date.

- A beta tester is someone who downloaded the latest archive from sf.net and also the latest patches from my server. This is currently mxchange-testing_0.2.0-pre10_PL11 which you can find over the "mxchange-testing" link in my signature.

Please provide a valid email address to me - I will doublecheck it - which I shall use to add you to the AUTHORS.txt file. If you don't do so I will take the one from your email message.

And if you want to be unlisted I will add you anonymous to the file.

All best whishes.

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