Oh, I should not be so harsh. In my first attempt to post a "Spread this number" topic. I have posted the full number which begins with 09 F9 11 02. If you really want to know, what this is all about, you need more. So the number in question continues with 9D 74 E3 5B. As it may now becomes more clear to you, this is a (copyrighted, sic!) hash key for decrypting a bunch of HD-DVD.

To complete this number, which you still need for a successful decryption of HD-DVDs, you need the rest of this number which says D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0.

So, if it is your turn to spread this number (not the harsh way!), please be more creative than me. :)

Why you should do that, can be read here:

... and many other places as well. Oh, need a new slogan for your new geeky T-Shirt? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Edit: I have read, that this number in question is copyright but other posts say that numbers cannot be copyrighted. Just to clarify it. Why I post it here is because I'm frustrated about DRM (Digital Restrictions Mismanagement). The user m/u-s/l-i/x-6/4 did a good job against play-back restrictions enforced by AACS and BD+ (not yet) and I hope more people will join that community to fight... pardon, hack against Hollywood's (futile and expensive) efforts against free playback.

Hey, I have bought a (HD-)DVD and I want to watch it on ANY device, got that? I don't and cannot effort buying a new player because you people at Hollywood don't like my player.

So what is left? Stop watching braincell-killing movies. :twisted:
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