... because of my ISP is blacklisted on two anti-spam-lists. So I'm going to post it here:

In some situations you need intval() to secure, e.g. id numbers:


So far with intval() you won't get any trouble:
$foo = intval($_GET['foo']);
print 'foo=' . $foo;

But when 'bar' grows larger than the number range of int, you got the wrong number back from intval(). This is not a fault in intval(), more the to small data type which int is.

Unfortunately there is no longval() or so. I came up with a regular expression solution to work-around this:
function bigintval ($str) {
$num = preg_replace('/[^0-9]*/', '', $str);
return $num;
This will replace all non-numeric characters with an empty string and therefore only characters of 0 to 9 (all numeric) will remain.

Hope this can help someone.
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